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    Esc/motor advice please

    Hi All,
    My slash 4x4 burnt out its esc recently so I thought I'd buy a mmm but read about the ezrun 150a and seeing as this was half the price of the mmm I went for that.
    So I set it up to what I thought would be ok, took it out today, running it on loose/dusty dirt and after about 2mins the motor was extremely hot, got a blister on my finger now where it got so hot , esc was cold so were the batteries, 2x 11.1 3300mah in parallel. I've not changed the gearing from the standard set up.
    Is this esc overated for the standard velineon motor? Is the motor likely to be shot from getting so hot? If so which motor would be a good option just for bashing around?
    Any ideas what I need to do?

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    You are running two lipos in parellal which doubles the mah to 6600 and 3s power so that motor usually runs cool on 2s so if you running 3s you have to watch the motor temps often. As far as the motor if it Runs strong with no funny noises it's ok but just watch your temp good on 3s. it may have burned you but that does not mean it went bad.

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    mmp esc and 2400! buy the 2400, youll love 4s!
    SL4SH Mamba Monster-Rustler Mamba Max 2400kv

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