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Thread: A few questions

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    A few questions

    First off I want to know what you guys do after you run in the rain. The other day I drove in the rain and after, let it dry. The next day I looked at it and there was rust on the screws and some other parts. Is the best thing to do after you drive it in the water is use an air compressor and dry it off?

    Next thing is a lipo battery storage question. My charger has a lipo storage mode from 0.1 to1.0 amps. What should I set it on for a 2s 5000mah?

    Back to the truck is there any way to adjust the rear wheel toe in and out?

    Thanks in advance

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    the best thing to do, is the disnamnte the truck into three parts: front, chassis and rear, i get some towels and wipe it down good, and if theres rust, wd 40.

    i use a 3/16 wrench to adjust toe in and toe out
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