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Thread: The noise...

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    The noise...

    Well i built an e-revo frm the ground up, first thing i noticed is the 2200kv motor doesn't flow ( as it stops ) i have owned a 6800kV for the 1/18th and it just rolled without any friction, and no noise, the 2200kv makes a TON of noise, is this normal? it sounds like the gear mesh is way too tight or something always... awful noise.

    Also i have:

    23T pinion, and a 65T spurr which don't fit together, too tight, should I get a new what err,, 60T spurr or so?
    I heard the 21/54 is a great combo

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    all my MMM motors make a bunch of noise. especially during braking. i found it odd the first time too but they are all noisy. so i roll with it. double check your mesh and let it roll.
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    mine does the same noise, i think the magnet on this motor are just really strong that it makes all that noise.

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    From my experience, the low KV motors make all sorts of noise and dont roll smoothly. I believe this isdue to the much stronger magnets in them. 4 pole motors are even more.

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    The spur gear/pinion gear combo is larger toothed than the 1/18 you're used to hearing. The 32p will be louder.
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