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Thread: CA glue wonders

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    CA glue wonders

    So I brought my ole slash 4x4 to gulf shores alabama wit some bros to kill some time. Alls was goods til i got dat dreaded squealing noise. This would be my good ole 4th motor that i have gone through. There arent any hobby stores and instead of sending it in we tore it open. Of course the magnets came loose from the rotor. We thought we would try CA glue. To our wonders it has not came loose since. IT had done seen 190 degree temps. All I can say is CA EVERYTHING!!!!!!
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    Nice thats good to know cause theres a lot of people where there magnets have been coming loose

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    If you do a search of the forums, it has been done before. I am happy it has worked well for you
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    I spun the rotor on the shaft on mine also..Took the ole CA glue to it and it is also still holding up !!

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