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    Some cool features...

    I'm really digging the transmission on this car. I like that it uses normal 32 pitch spurs... I like that the diff is sealed, I like how simple it is....

    Somewhat suprised they didn't use a planetary diff. This would have been a good time to bring out a sealed planetary that could fit the magnum transmissions... but the daydreams continue.

    Actually the whole car looks fantastic.

    The stage, hold, launch modes sound like fun. Also opens up more questions for me... like we know there are cars, such as this, that use more than 2 channels. Will Traxxas update the iphone app to allow use of additional channels? I sure hope so, they ship everything with these 5 channel receivers... lets use em!

    Front shocks look like modified GTR's... I've been really happy with the new radio system, so its good to see they're adding even more features to it.

    More funny sized belted tires.... Interesting choice.... I'm surprised they didn't just make the tires an inch taller and use the same tires as the XO-1.

    Whoops, upon further review it appears they did just that... I was reading wheel size, now that I look at the tire specs, they appear to be XO-1 tires. GOOD STUFF! With more cars using that tire, we have a greater chance of aftermarket support.

    Looks like a 14mm plastic hex, like the old T-maxx days. That at least gives us more options for mounting these tires on other vehicles.

    Love the choice of motor... I was just saying this motor/esc combo should be in a Traxxas vehicle...

    All in all a pretty original, and pretty good looking car. Not really for me, but I bet they sell a TON of these.

    I could see that transmission making its way into my high speed Slash....
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    I like that this is really new, made from scratch, nothing reused like in the XO-1... I take my hat off on this one...

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    Yes, XO-1 tires mounted on wheels that look to be smaller funny car drag wheels. Pretty cool.

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    Its the same eye trick as they used with the stock tires on the Kyle Busch truck. i like it.
    I wonder who will come out with a tire that can balloon like the 1:1 tires without blowing up.
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    That is so awesome how they have the toggle switch change the settings like they do for the Funny Car. I'd like to see those doors open for the rest of the Traxxas vehicles. Totally awesome presets. Wonder if they are going to allow this across the board and let us program what we want that toggle to do.

    I preordered a TQi with the 4 channel. I'd definitely like to see the doors open for the 4th channel like done for this. Last week i got my TQi 3 channel and am in love. Even though I haven't had a chance to run it.

    XO-1 tires on my EMBE???? LOL j/k
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