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    slayer stalls out!

    I bought a used slayer a few months ago. Im fairly new to the hobby, and im having trouble. I run the slayer for a bit and after the first tank or so, it begins to stall out. After the stall it doesnt want to start unless I wait about 15 minutes. I wonder if it is getting to hot??? and if so, what do I do?

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    Yeah sounds like over heating to me. Try to richen out the low speed and high speed needles a bit. Turn them 1/8th of a turn out and see how it goes. If the same thing try another 1/8th turn. Too lean is bad for the engine, it can break/blow stuff out. Having it rich will hurt performance a little but will make the engine last longer and keep the engine temperature cooler.
    I run mine on the rich side I'm a basher.
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    Yes, I agree with RockoutRC, richen it a bit. But your engine could be worn out too, how many gallons did the previous owner put on it?
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