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    Im new to the forums and i was cleaning my titan 12t 550 motor and i somehow lost the screw to the pinion gear so i ordered a 31T pinion gear and i was wondering if that is compaitable and if it will do any harm to the car such as over heating or what not. And i was also looking to buy another rc car my price range is abot 350 and i was thinking about getting the Rustler VXL and just wondering if that is a good car. Thanks

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    the rustler is a good car.... i would get a stampede 4x4 though, but that is me......

    if the pinion is made by the same company, you can probably swap the screws and be fine.... if it is made by a different company it may or may not work... i know i have had different make pinions and they did not have the same setscrew

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