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    alignment way out

    I was bashing out front showing off the top speed with mmp 2400 4s with a ridiculous pinion and it got a little wind under the body and sented it flying into a pickup parked on the side of the road.(my own pickup actually....yup laugh it up) My problem now is I know something is wrong cause my front tires are walleyed(extreme toe out). I took the wheels off and inspected it. I can not see any visible damage or bent parts and the linkages themselves feel tight. But what I did notice was that the left tie rod had fewer treads showing at the inner and outer tie rod end than the right did. Could the impact stripped or skipped a few threads inside the plastic tie rod ends? I bought the truck new and they have never been moved or adjusted. Has anyone else experienced this? Any thoughts?

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    Yeah, it sounds to me like you stripped out the plastic in there. I would take a couple of good photos of the area on both sides. Take some measurements. Then try taking it apart and inspecting it. If it does not seem too bad put it back together and realign it correctly.

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    I agree... new rod ends (the plastic eyelet part) are only a couple of bucks and its kinda better if they go first. Try to apoxy or JB weld it until you get new ones in, it might last longer than you think. Just won't let you make and adjustments since you can't move the threaded rod when its glued.

    Let us know what it turns out to be.

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