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    LiPo voltage problem

    I bought two Venom 3s 11.1V 4000mah 20c lips for my e-revo brushless edition...

    The first pack charges to 12.6V (fully charged)

    the second pack only charges to 12.27V???????

    Is it safe to use them together?

    the kid at the rc shop told me its okay to use them like this

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    Does your charger tell you individual charge of each cell?

    honestly if i was you i'd do the redkneck thing and run it for 10 minutes and re-charge it and see if they fully charge, could be odd because of new batteries

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    Run already invested the money in them. I also have battery problems mine do not discharge evenly one cell reads 3.4 other cell 3.7....heck with it I'm gonna run them till they wont hold a charge then just buy new ones.
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    I see your other thread was locked. Need more info how many cycles on the batts, gearing...etc..

    Here is my guess & it's just a guess, but the batts you are using are only 80 amps, the MMM needs a min of 120 amps..
    So I think the batteries are being over worked, they can not keep up with the MMM..

    ( mah x c rating / 1000 = amps)

    The more amps the better / minimun of 120 amps.

    The ESC will only draw the amount of amps it needs.
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