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    Jump school for the Revo

    I've has my Erevo for about a month now, and I'm playing around on relatively small jumps, things no more than say a foot long or high, no more than 45 degrees.

    I keep running into the same problems, and that is the truck seems to always roll forward regardless of how I hit a jump. I'm only doing things slow at the moment, it seems to roll forward more with more speed.

    I've noticed that each time I hit a jump that the rear end bottoms out, and raising the suspension hasn't made much difference. I'm still running it stock as it came for now, but I'm going to look at harder springs in the back end to see if that helps.

    Just wondering if any of your people have any good tips for an all rounder suspension setup that will allow for small jumps (nothing too crazy) and general off road driving, or how I can set the thing up so that it doesnt feel so front heavy?


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    Honestly, the first thing I'd do is find a BIGGER jump. 1 foot long/high at 45 degree? That'll bottom out just about any vehicle and create the same issues. I'd say, for grins, something at least twice as long as the truck with a little curved transition if possible. Try to keep the length/height at 2/1 max to help control the truck in mid-flight. For example, the ramp I use most at home is 4 feet long, 2 feet high and curved so it's almost flat on the bottom and probably 40 degrees at the take off point. I can jump it slow or fast with great control and it's an awesome ramp to practice throttle/brake control in mid-air.

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    I find that mine likes to nose dive off jumps a little bit, a little blip of the throttle mid air and it lands nice and level. If I give it full throttle in the air it will easily do a back flip.
    What you're jumping off could be some of the problem as well, doing jumps at a track or off a well made ramp is much easier then doing them off a bit of dirt or a make shift ramp.
    Like anything though practice makes perfect so when you get a feel for how your truck reacts in the air you should be jumping like a pro, don't forget to release the throttle before you hit the ground to avoid breaking the diffs and stuff. It's also good to have a soft landing, I like to do most of my jumping in the yard so I have the soft grass to land on.
    A good set up that I like for jumps is blue springs in the rear, silver springs up front and 80wt oil all round.

    Here is a video of a few jumps I did a while ago off a ramp a friend and I built.

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    +1 on a better jump.
    But to make use of the jump you have, apprach slowly. When the wheels are on the jump, hit the trottle. You should launch smoother and it will take some practice to get the timing right. When done corrently, your revo should start to do a back flip, pointing its nose straight up into the air. Youll have to tap the brakes to even it out.
    Make sure your jump isnt flat and there is some transition to it.

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