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Thread: I want one

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    I want one

    Where can I get a E-Revo Brushless for the least amount of money? I have a Rustler with the Velenion System, how would that work as a trade?


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    send me a private message
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    About what?

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    heheh I think he either has a truck for sale or is going to give you a place to buy one...

    Look in the MP there are a few for sale right now & they pop up every so often.
    Do some homework first..........gl2u
    Would you go flip my truck back over??

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    Its spring break! What is the MP?

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    MP= market place......3rd forum from bottom

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    sorry here is a few more to look over, some have other meaning too....welcome to the forums

    no IDK (lol) all of them.......... gl2u


    BEC: Battery Eliminator Circuit

    UBEC: Ultimate (or universal) Battery Eliminator Circuit

    ESC: Electronic Speed Control

    BL: Brushless

    COG or CG: Center of Gravity. "Cog" could also mean motor cogging, but the letters are not usually all capitalized.

    CD: Center Differential

    MM: Mamba Max

    MMM: Mamba Monster (Max)

    MMP or MMPro: Mamba Max Pro

    RPM: Revolutions per Minute or the RPM company

    KV: RPM per volt motor constant

    Y or Wye or Asterisk or Star: A brushless motor coil configuration. Looks like the letter Y.

    D or Delta or Triangle: A brushless motor coil configuration. Looks like a triangle.

    CC/CV: Refers to the Constant Current/Constant Voltage threshold for lipo charging.

    CC: Castle Creations company.

    LMT: Lehner Motoren Technik brand of brushless motor, commonly shortened to simply Lehner.

    S, L, XL: Refers to the motor can length when talking about Feigao/Wanderer/Nemesis brushless motors.

    S&T: Sky and Technology company - makes the Quark ESCs.

    MGM: ESC brand.

    AC: Alternating Current

    DC: Direct Current

    PWM: Pulse Width Modulation. Refers to the method ESCs use to send partial power to a motor. Highly efficient. Can also refer to the signal from a radio receiver to servos/speed controllers.

    Rx: Receiver.

    Tx: Transmitter.

    RCM: RC Monster. Can refer to the main site, the forum site, or "the man" Mike.

    LVC: Low Voltage Cut-off device to protect the lipo cells from being discharged bellow 3V per cell

    HV: High Voltage

    FET: Field-Effect Transistor. High current devices used in speed controllers that channel battery current to the motor.

    MOSFET: Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor. Other less common versions: Metal-Oxide Silicon Field-Effect Transistor, and Metal-Oxide Substrate Field-Effect Transistor.

    NiMH: Nickel Metal Hydride Battery

    NiCD: Nickel Cadmium Battery

    Lipo: Lithium Polymer Battery

    Cap: Actually not an acronym, but an abbreviation for capacitor.

    A: Amps. Electrical term for current.

    V: Volts. Electrical term for voltage.

    W: Watts. Electrical term for wattage or power. 1 horsepower = 745.7 watts.

    mAh: milliamp-hours. Battery capacity rating. How many milliamps a battery can deliver for one hour. There are 1,000 milliamps (mA) in one amp. So 1000mAh is the same as 1Ah.

    WOT: Wide Open Throttle

    Forum "shorthand" acronyms:

    IIRC: If I Remember Correctly

    ATM: At The Moment

    IMO: In My Opinion

    IMHO: In My Honest (or Humble) Opinion

    BTW: By The Way

    OTOH: On The Other Hand

    AFAIK: As Far As I Know

    FWIW: For What It's Worth

    FYI: For Your Information

    ATB: All The Best

    FTW: For the Win

    IDK: I Don't Know

    GL2U: Good Luck To You

    PM : Personal Message

    MP : Market Place
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    Would you go flip my truck back over??

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