I finally made the move to electric. I have had a rustler 2.5, tmaxx2.5, tmaxx 3.3, 3.3 revo. I bought a stampede 4x4 vxl with a Onyx 245 charger with two 4600mah 8.4volt duratrax nihm batteries. I am happy with the run time but not totally satisfied with the speed. I feel like im getting maybe around 35 mph (im assuming). I hear that 3s Lipo will just break parts left and right? What battery should i look at next that will get me longer runtime and faster speed maybe 45-50mph with a budget of 100 (a little more or less).

And one more question.. say that I have a 4600mah nihm battery. Would a 3s 4000mah lipo have less run time?

It aint fun if you aint breaking it!