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    Long travel slash

    So I am in the process of upgrading my slash and I had a few questions. It currently has the proline protrac kit on it so it has the protrac A-arms front and rear as well as the protrac shock towers and split six wheels. I put some traxxas extended shocks in the front to make it long travel and I kept the rear shocks in the back. With the protrac kit, the car does not have much travel in the rear at all because the drive shaft/CVD (i think thats what it is called) will hit the A-arm and not allow any more up travel. Down travel is unlimited but i want upward travel as well because I am trying to get the trophy truck effect where it will hit whoops and the car will mostly stay stationary but the suspension will be doing the work keeping all wheels on the ground most of the time. I have the front suspension perfect so that no matter what I hit I still have steering through the whoops instead of just bouncing around. So I just wanted to know if anyone has any ideas for long travel of the rear of the car. Also I have a tekin T8 motor I wanted to put in the slash but it doesn't fit in the gear box. I know that people have put mamba monster motors in their slashes but I think the T8 2260kv has a larger diameter can than the mamba monster. Are there any upgrades or aftermarket gear boxes and how much would I have to change my gearing to make this work. Also can I still run nimh batteries on the T8 motor and if I am going to be running only 2s lipos and nimh batteries, can I keep the same esc? Thanks in advance for any advice

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    The effect you want is difficult to achieve withe independend rear suspension, you need weight to keep your wheels down en a straight axle puts a lot of weight in between the rear wheels so that's why the rear axle drops down from underneeth the truck. I run heavy wheels and they sort of do the trik.....

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