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    De-anodizing before and after--with the "revised after" based on forum input

    I heeded all of the advise, and now we have a much better, more scale-looking, finished product. Hose is black 3mm ID Autobahn88 from Kintec, and the push rod boot is rubber-coated with black PlastiDip. The stainless steel dog is $3 from Kintec, too. A grand total of $9 in additional upgrades! And by the way, the initial de-anodizing was done with $3 worth of Greased Lightning!

    Note: I do have a polished aluminum bullet nut for the prop, but I prefer the simple lock nut--it's just my preference.

    previously the mismatched red boot with yellow tube

    originally the yucky blue which did NOT work with the red
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