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    Which tires to keep or sell

    Have a few sets of track tires I acquired in purchases of used trucks. We (son and I) are not racers, but do go to the indoor track to mess around sometime. As a newbie I'm not sure which ones I should keep and which ones to sell/trade. I have stock tires to knock around with and will be getting some street tires for the paring lots. The ones I keep would be strictly for when we go the track. I need to keep 2 sets, 1 for a 4x4 and 1 for a 2x4
    Here is what I have.
    AKA- Gridirons
    AKA- Wishbones
    Proline- Switch
    Proline- Calibers

    I know it's preference but would like to getting your preference.
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    The Switches might be nice on the 4x4, agressive more open lug design

    Proline Calibers are nice all around tires and may play well indoors along with the Gridirons.

    Remember there are different compounds too so that may factor your final decision between the Gridirons and Calibers
    Just my thoughts....

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    I have been using the calibers on a small dirt track and they grip pretty well.
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