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Thread: Battery help

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    Battery help

    My battery balancer is not working on my lipo. If I charge it will it be fine.

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    Hey Matt most of the time if the balancer is not working it is because one of those tiny wires has been broken or torn of off the solder joint. Try to inspect each one and see if you can find the problem and put a dab of solder on it.

    I am not 100% on the charger without balance but I believe you would be OK but you may not have both cells or all 3 cells equal when finished. Run time and performance may be affected.

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    Charging it a time or two without balancing will be ok. I wouldn't charge it many times though, without a balancer.
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    Usually, the manufacturer will specify that a multi cell lipo will need to be balanced each and every time you charge the pack. If not, do it anyway lol!
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