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    Traxxas slash and stampede

    Hello everyone, I have being reading and watching some slash 4x4, Stampede 4x4 Reviews and people have being said that the slash is stronger but takes more looking after. They said u have to take the truck apart and Dry everything and put wd40 on the bearings etc after use. Is this true?

    If it is does it also apply to the stampede?

    Thank you

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    If your're very fanatical about keeping a truck mint... yes. If you're normal... no. As far as cleaning, they are the same. Neither need to be taken apart and dried. Both would benefit slightly from lubing the bearings as often as possible (although NOT with WD-40). Slash is stronger IMO.

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    The slash is stronger because the body protects the a-arms much better then on the Stampede where they are wide open and heavily exposed.

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