Yesterday a 1/16 Grave Digger showed up. I purchased it for the kids b/c they are really into monster trucks at the moment. My boys are 5. Right out of the box I felt the truck ran too fast, too hot, and the battery didn't last long. I didn't want them to get frustrated w/ the short runtime, I didn't want them to burn themselves on the motor, and I didn't want them struggle w/ it flipping over all the time.

The simple solution was to slow it down. I tried setting the throttle endpoints on the remote but that still resulted in a hot motor and reverse didn't work all the time. So I swapped the gears in the tranny and put an 18t pinion on it. Now the truck runs for over 30 mins in grass, runs extremely cool, and is much easier for the kids to control. It's still fast enough to do wheelies and jump off a bike ramp. I think this is a great little car for the kids. I did buy all the stuff to convert it to 4wd but the kids are loving it the way it is. Nice job Traxxas!

I'll post up a long term review as we play with it, but I don't expect much to break on this thing.