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    Reviving old NiMh Batteries?

    I have about 6 packs from 2005-2008 of NiMh quality battery packs. Are there any procedures for resurrecting these? I realize they won't be as good as they were, just looking to maximize what I have. I have a Superbrain 959 charger BTW. Thanks.
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    i wouldnt bother with trying to mess with them as if you dont charge them excatly as there suppose to they are very dangerous. i just left my old nimh pack alone now, i tried to trickle charge it for like 10hrs but didnt work only made the battery slighty warm which it shouldnt have been charging at only .2amps.
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    you gotta cycle the packs meaning charge them at a low rate then discharge them and repeat this bumping up your charge rate little by little till your just a few amps bellow 1c (a 5000 shouldnt be charged over 4.5 amps... for example)
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