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    Angry Mini Revo: Problems driving backwards


    Yesterday I received my new mini revo with the 27MHz radio control.
    I made some tests and discovered, that driving forward works fine, but driving backwards makes problems.
    Sometimes the car is not moving, sometimes everything works fine, sometimes I need to push the lever to the max position to move the car.

    Is this a normal behavior?
    I hope not....
    What could be wrong?

    (is the a 1/16 revo forum here? Could find only one for the 1/16 brushless....)
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    For starters, this topic would be better if posted in the mini revo forum... Its about 10 forums down on the main list. Its the same for the brushless as it is for the brushed with the minis.

    Your reverse works like this:

    -Pull throttle in to go forward.
    -Release throttle to neutral
    -Push throttle out to use brakes
    -Release to neutral
    -Push throttle out AGAIN for reverse

    You can not activate reverse without first stopping the wheels with the brakes. This is a safety feature to save your gears. The wheels must be stopped before the ESC will let the car go into reverse.

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