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    Cool getting a brushed e revo

    hi might know me from the slayer forum.anyhoo im selling some things and plan to buy a brand new e revo brushed but something tells me that this truck is actualy quite i need to know some things
    1.what is the top speed with the titan 12t
    2.what parts should i get to make it run perfectly much is it to do a twin motor conversion
    4.are the aluminum upgrades worth getting
    5.what other brushed engines are good for this truck
    i have a realy bad past experience with fast rc cars like engine block melting,throttle servos getting stuck at top speed and them literally blowing up. please answer before i buy it myself

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    Its a great truck. With a really high quality of 7 cell nimhs the truck drives very nice.
    Kershaw offers many mods and twin/single motor solutions, brushed and brushless.
    Don't get aluminum parts. Rpm parts are the way to go. My stock a-arms were the first thing to break, so I bought Rpm ones.
    Another common breakage Point was the drive shafts.
    Aftermarket tires. I went through about 3 sets of talons because the rubber would start slipping off the wheel.
    Other then that, I havnt broken anything for the past year on my e-revo.

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    I can't speak to the top speed personally, but traxxas claims 30mph so its probably more like 25mph if its geared safely.

    The motors in this truck are dual titan 21t not 12t. They last a good time longer than the titan in the 1/10 trucks and provide excellent torque down low and decent top speeds. But, if you want to, you can always switch to a single motor like the titan 775 or dewalt 14.4. These motors will give you very slightly higher top speeds but much simpler maintenance as theres only one large motor to take care of VS 2 smaller ones.

    You can always look into a cheaper brushless combo for it as well down the road. EZrun or XErun has a number of choices in the $200 range that can be tuned to limit power output so you don't end up breaking too much stuff.

    In terms of breaking stuff... thats a really personal thing. Some people break front arms for example. Other people run stock front arms for ever and never break them. Whatever you do, upgrade stuff that breaks. You can go ahead and upgrade before it breaks, but you don't have to. You can always just run it stock and upgrade after you see what parts you'll end up breaking.

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    thanks guys realy appreciate it

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