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    Exclamation i desterb myself the other day

    so with my mustang back together i decide to take the limiters out of the shocks and wow what a diffrence in ruff conditions and drifting. just handles better sept for the chassis sway (has a lot of droop)

    so any ways on to what freaked me out

    going down the street and this kid comes out and asks if i wanted to use his ramps again(i use his ramps for my pede)and said yes . so with it jack up. it just didnt want to keep a straight line that day. so first jump nailed it perfectly and the rest were sorta drifts into the ramp. then on the last one it was a barrel roll upon landing on the pavement. but what made me freak out was seeing the battery fly underneith the car attached to the esc. after that i called it quits

    so is there eny thing i should check and make sure is ok? every thing is working fine

    and is there enything that you have done to your rally chassis that just makes you hart beat harder?

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    Just check the battery for physical damage. It happened a few times to me but never got serious problems.
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