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    Yes you can you just have to get some thick vinyl thats made for wraps like 6 to 8 mm now you have to remember if you strech a carbon fiber design you can distort the image
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    Just had a thought with this - would the same idea and method work on other parts? For example wrap the chassis in some carbon fibre pattern? Though i could see it wearing off over time, my chassis will scrape sometimes as i drive half on the pavement and half on the road and other such instances. But it could be an idea maybe

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    Love that hydro dipped slash chassis it looks totally 10000% awesomeness!!

    Good to hear this should work on a chassis or another part. Keep us posted if you beat me to it digger but i think imma pick up a soare chassis, see if i can find some of this vinyl stuff and give it a go! Though ill stay away from the cabbage pattern - im back to regularly running without a shell around some fairly deep grass - that cabbage pattern would hide away and id loose my pede!!!
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    Now this stuff is cutting edge. You guys are my rc library...
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    I know diggerpede will love this info:

    For chrome, the best way to get a durable finish is to spray it on with this stuff if you can afford it:

    And you know it'll look sweet, cuz it's the stuff they used for doing this:

    There is flexible chrome wrap on the market, 3m sells it in smaller strips, but apparently there's a company called gerber (not the knife or the baby food lol) that makes heat formable chrome wrap, but it's like $225.00 a yard.

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    SIIICKKK Digg~! Nice job bro, and they look REALLY clean! Very nice, love it.!

    Dread, That chassis is sick.. I had that thought to on an alum chassis, but with clear cover. That wrap is DOPE.

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