Hi, i was researching the slash 4x4 and stampede 4x4 both in 1/10 brushless and some people were saying that the MERV is a good option for the people who were asking about the slash and stampede. I thought it was weird at first for people two recommed a 1/16 when the people r willing to pay for the 1/10, but after hearing the reason, i can see why they recommed it.
It is cheaper, so you can buy all the RPM stuff and upgrades and that kinda thing

It is easy to transport (put in the car just in case u pass a empty skatepark or dusty carpark or something) when with the slash or stampede you need to plan the bash because u need to leave enough room for it in the car)

I heard it is no good for grass, but i have a 1/8 truck which i can use instead

I want a traxxas because of the speed, duribility and my other truck is nitro and they are harder to maintain, not as strong and cost to run. The nitro truck will be great for when the traxxas is charging, but i do prefer the eletric when it comes to RC.

I will be running it on short grass, dirt, loads of jump, on-road, but mainly off-road. I need a car which can take a beating because i don't want to spend to much on repairs. If i bought the MERV i could upgrade straight away and buy lipos, if i had a slash or stampede it would have to stay how it is for a short while (2-3 months).

Which truck? please give reasons
thank you