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    Question how to take care of a lipo battery?

    ok, so im a newbie to batteries and im running nimh right now but i would like to make a switch to lipo but i dont want to burn anything with a lipo so i want to know.... how do lipos burn by being charged, and discharged? what is a balencer? how do i use it? how do i know when charging or discharging a lipo that its done? do i have to sit next to it when its balencing,charging, or discharging? and finnaly how do i know when my lipo is running out of power when im runing my rustler vxl? keep in mind that im thinking about charging my battery with a onyx 245. and sorry if there are to many questions here

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    well im still new to lipo in mt 1/10 trucks myself but I know some from the guys here and the guys at my LHS who rule and answer all my questions. a Balance board is so that each cell of the lipo are charged even so they same ammount of power is in each cell. there very simple to use. mine says right on the board 2s,3s,4s,5s,6s the little white plug goes on that board and other end into your charger. As far as charging my lipo(venom) doesnt even get warm when charging its only a 5000 so i balance it at 5amps and let it go till my charger beeps and lets me know its done. You dont need to sit next to it but Personally I dont go to far from them. If your really worried pick up a Lipo sack from your LHS or Ebay there cheap and can save you alot of problems if something happens during a charge. dont over charge with amps...that makes fire ive seen some of my friends who fly planes fast charge there lipos and burn them up so it was kinda iffy to me if I wanted to make the jump...But glad i did! Watch your motor temps on your vxl as always and when it drops to 50% power thats when you know your charge is cashed out! any of your other questions the other guys will have to do cause Thats about what I know...Sorry it wasnt more but I hope it helps bud! Bash away!
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