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    First run at the local airfield...

    Here are a few pics I took today! This car is amazing and I am not even running an Ipod with it yet... I took the car to our local abandoned airfield. I am an AMA member and fly my helis out there so I have access whenever I want which is awesome. Before I got it out, I got the slash 4x4 out on 3s to do a few speed runs. It is pretty crazy on 3s. At its top speed it becomes light on the front and is kind of scary. I then prepared myself for the xo-1. Started off just going easy on the throttle. After I was comfortable I got it up to the 50 mph mark since I do not have a Iphone or Ipod touch. The car was extremely stable and was not putting up a fuss at all. The xo-1 tracked very well which made me feel more confident. The slash almost felt faster because of all the commotion. The slash has almost no control past the 50 mph mark. The xo-1 is a true rc supercar. Hope you all enjoy the pics

    I will post more once I can get this thing out again. Thanks.
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    local abandoned airfield? I'm so jealous and i dont even have an XO-1
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    You have no excuse for not posting a 100+ mph pass at that location!
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