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    Question Newbie learning the hard way

    I acquired a nitro stampede cheap 15 bucks because th motor was stuck. I started on the top end but after
    Reading here found out that I needed to crack open the bottom end and it was rusted stuck. So I propped It up on its side and used pb blast and let it soak for an hour or so then used a cressant wrench and on the fly wheel and work it slowly back and forth then used some 3 in 1 oil after a couple minutes I was spinning it with two fingers. Let soak again like above and removed a bunch of dissolved rust. Kept rinsing thru with pb blast until it was all clean then buttoned her back up now I got to get some fuel. Thanks for all past posts. And pb blast is alot better than wd40 if need it buy a can you won't have to wait so long to free it up and it is safe on orings too. Now what do I do to keep it freed up after running and setting around a little while. Oh I got the electronics also good deal?

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    you need to either use after run oil in the engine or use wd-40 only those 2 are recommended by traxxas in their engines. squirt a little down the glow plug hole and the carb and turn the engine over 10secs.
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    welcome to the forum! just keep cleaning your engine and good luck!
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    Marvel Mystery Oil works very well as an after run oil. Its safe for O rings and it will keep the internals from rusting. If you can find it, flush your engine with Kroil Oil. It will break loose any rust that is stuck in your bearings or hiding out in the block. Best thing to do is a full tear down and a thorough cleaning. Rust will destroy your piston and sleeve if it passes through.

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    man that what destrode my o ring

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    I agree with the above poster, form the way it sounds, this engine should have a full tear down. I have seen several times where the front bearing oiling port gets clogged with old fuel and starves the bearing of lube. If there is that much rust in the engine, it may need new crank bearings and possibly a crankshaft depending what is going on. Starting the engine with that rust in there is a guaranteed way to kill it.

    The engine should probably get a full gasket replacement too.
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