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    Ez peak plus dual battery charging adaptor?

    Has anyone used the adaptor to charge 2 2s batteries?

    Do they have to both be traxxas?

    Do they have to be identical in terms of brand, mah, etc?

    I have one traxxas and one SPC (5800 and 6000mah) and would like to charge at the same time.


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    They do NOT have to be Traxxas batteries - but I have read that it is strongly suggested that they be of the same mAh capacities. Now 5800 and 6000 are close - so you should be ok - but I think you will charge to the max of the lower mAh battery. In other words - when dual charging your 6000 with a 5800 - the charger will stop when the 5800 is fully charged.
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    Sounds like a balancing nightmare. If you have packs of similar capacity and condition and both have the same number of cells in series, you can parallel charge them. I would not charge dissimilar packs in series. Ever.
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