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    Question Is Two Better Than One?

    I was just wondering if two steeering servos is better than one. I think it may be too powerful for me to handle but I guess I could always lower the sensitivity of the servos in the tuning thing. Please reply with your personal ideas on this subject. P.S. 3 days to my Birth Day!

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    In my opinion no.
    If you look at RC's that come with two steering servos... the Summit, the Revo, ect. you will notice that these guys are switching to a single, more powerful servo.
    I know with my Summit, I am constantly dialing the fight (to the death) out of the servos... and cannot wait for my back ordered servos to come in. Dialing this fight with non-adjustable linkage is going to be a headache...

    The best advice I can give is to find a strong servo that works best for you and spend some time waterproofing it if that is what you need.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    If you need a nice servo now look at a hitec 5085mg any decent hobby store should have one or if you can wait a ******* 390 but they are on backorder from china

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    i just got a new 390 for my slash i orderd 1 but they sent me 2? lol

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