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    Nitro 4 tec transmission slip

    I bought a used 4 tec 2.5 and have managed to get things running after some minor updates. Problem now is this has the engine going strong but isn't moving. Seem to just spin the inner large gear. Can anyone tell me what has to be done or send me a link?

    Thank you so much!

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    the inner gear will spin when the car is not moving or not going fast enough. It uses an adjustable "pawl" type of lever that engages when the rpm's are high enough to engage it. There is a small hole in the metal disc nestled inside of the second gear that is adjustable thru the hub in the gear. clockwise tightens it, counter loosenes it. you may want to take it apart to see if there is something missing or wrong with it. there is also a one way bearing as well that may have gone bad. To be honest, it may be easier to go on ebay and order a complete trans for the car that has been removed from a new donor car.. the only difference is the gear ratio and the 3.3 ones will work fine with the 2.5 motor.
    If the car won't move from first gear, you have other issues going on... maybe a missing pin or something else. You can get a blowup of the trans on this site.. just follow the links for your car. I use it all the time as a reference guide.
    here is the link....
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