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    Belting tire question

    Ok so I have a burning desire for different "all around" tires for the revo. I have posted here and the main thread is people like the badlands. I am currently using premounted big joes which have only been on a late night test.

    I like the trencher "x" and have now found they are available in Canada. I also like the masher but it only comes in a 3.2 inch rim size.

    The tires will be used on grass, road, loose bark chips, gravel roads, and at skate parks for some limited jumping (no big air).

    Due to the speed of the revo I am leaning to the masher with 1/2 offset 3.2 rims or the trencher x.

    I now know that I will need to get the tires and rims separately and belt the tires to limit ballooning.

    The monkey tape thing would work but adds weight and the tape will eventually fail.

    Here is my idea for light weight belting:

    Flip tire inside out and clean with simple green (degreaser safe on rubber) then clean with alcohol (non drinking type).

    Use a razor to gently score a shallow slit in the tire in a spiral groove approximately 1 to 3/4 of an inch apart.

    Fill the groove with standard or braided fishing line.

    Use some thin tire glue to glue the fishing line into the groove. This would provide some "internal" belting and not appreciably add to tire weight. This should effectively eliminate any ballooning.

    What do you guys think.

    I may dismount the stock tires and try this on them so if it goes bad I won't kill tires that are too expensive.

    I figure tires in the oven a 350 for 10 minutes should break the glue bond but not completely melt the rim/ tire.

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    Well, I reckon that's one way to do it but I'd always go for something woven. I've found that Kevlar braid is good. Very light too. Gorilla tape's good too.


    I've been "edited for content" ie deleted.

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    Interesting idea. Depending on your tread type you can also run the spider wire on the outside of the tire down in the tread grooves and ca the knot.

    I just baked a smaller tire off yesterday. I used 300f for 21minutes on the rack and it just fell off the rim.

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    I mounted Badlands tires a week ago and here's what I've done for 2 of the 4 tires.

    Flipped the tire inside out and glued 3 strings of fishing line to the inside of the tires. I didn't score the rubber though, just glued the fishing line on the inside surface of the tire. And then I used 2 layers of duct tape over this. Only time will tell if it was worth the effort.

    Since I did this I went through 6 sets of battery packs and it's looking good FOR NOW ...

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