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    TQ 2.4GHz Antenna receiver Problem


    I Got The New TQ 2.4GHz In Rustler Using MMP ESC.

    It Was Good My The First 15 Runs But After I Crash on About 40Mph It Didnt Work Good Less Than 10 Meters Then Cut Off I Tried It In Different Cars Still A Problem.

    I Cut The Wire From The Receiver And Re Solder It I Did It Right But Now No Link At All.

    Tried To Rebind No Use.

    Can I Buy A New Antenna receiver Or
    Get A New Receiver And Link With My TQ Radio?

    I Also Tried My Savage XL Radio And Receiver Also The Old Gen Radio With It Receiver From My Old Jato 3.3 The Steering Works Only But No Throttle Or Reverse WHY!?

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    Is there a reason you are capitalizing each word?
    It makes it quite difficult to read what you wrote.

    Not all Traxxas 2.4 equipment is compatible.

    Altering the Rx antenna in any way is going to reduce range. Traxxas has a lifetime warranty program... X amount of dollars + old part = new part... or purchase a new(er) Rx.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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