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    ESC - XL-10M how to cable

    Hi All,

    i don't know if this is the right section for my question.. but i havent find any other section to post.

    I have an ESC XL-10M. From this i have 4 wire ( 2 red and 2 black ) and another cable for trasmitter.

    I want to connect this ESC to 2 motors. So, motors have 4 wire ( 1 Red and 1 Balack for one ).

    So, i cable red-black from esc to any motors, but.. how i have to cable the battery ? Where i can find a scheme for cable all ?

    Thanks a lot

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    1 black wire to the motor
    1 red wire to the motor
    1 black wire for the battery
    1 red wire for the battery

    1 servo wire group (white/red/black) for the receiver

    I am not sure the ESC will be able to handle two motors.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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