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    Newbie with wheels/tires question

    Hello. I'm new to the hobby and just ordered some parts for my Slash 4x4 6808. Including MMP 2400kv, rear MIP, Revo slipper... My question is what are the best looking wheels/tires that are slightly wider than stock and does not requires trimming the body or modding? Looking for something that make the Slash look meaner without using MT tires. I think those are too big. Prefer they are mounted since I haven't glue tires before.

    Appreciate any suggestions and inputs. Links and pictures would be very helpful.

    Oh and I mainly bash and do speed runs. No racing at least not yet.

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    I use proline wheels and tires but that might not be what ur looking for. Check out there website

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    i like the trx rims that come on the stampede with anaconda tires on them u have to cut the body out abit but they look wickid....

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