Iíve just bough an EZ-peak plus charger and a couple of traxxas nimh 5000mah series 5, 8.4v power cell.

I canít manage to charge those cells correctly, after between 5 to 30m the charger bip and indicate itís full

When i use the battery i can only play like 5m and itís out of power.

Can you tell me the exact and best settings to charge this specific cells ?
Iíve use 2 different settings without succes
Nimh charge : auto
Cur limit : 5.0A and 3.0A
Nimh sensitivity D.peak . Default and 6mV/cell

The original 3000mah coming with the vxl is working fine and i can charge it using one of those setting.

It would be very kind of you if can give me a hand on that.

Thanks in advance.