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    Question slayer questions

    Hi my friend wants to buy slayer I have some questions about it
    1. Is it waterproof?
    2. What is the most normal to break?
    3. Haw fast dose it goes out of box ?

    4. Is it better to buy nitro slayer or slash 4x4 to start of ?
    5. haw long can the battery last for in slayer?

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    147 for number 5...the battery should last a while as it it just for powering your servo's and your rcvr. not like a lipo for an electric car. As for slayer or depends if you want nitro or electric...nitro takes tuning ability and the electric is easier to start with out of the box..but if you like tuning and engines then go with the slayer...out of the box speed can be found as an estimate on the slayer page on the traxxas web site as well as water proof..but i do believe the slay is water proof. Breakage depends on how hard you wreck, and where your truck hits. most normal though for me are the A Arms, bulkhead and shock towers..not so much bulk head though.

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    1. Waterproof? Not really. All of the eletronics are waterproof, but if you drive it in water it can suck water in to the air filter and ruin your engine. 2. I 've had a slayer for 2 and a half weeks and I havn't broken anything yet... 3. Box stock without changing anything from the factory it will do about 40-50 mph. It depends on what surface your running on and how you've tuned the engine. I normaly get about 45-48mph. 4. If your friend has never had, or really used a rc car, then I have to say go for the slash 4x4. But the slayer is a ton of fun, but keep in mind it WILL require more servicing and tuning. 5. As for the battery in the slayer, I've probally used mine for over 20 hours of run time and they still have great power in them. This is great considering they are the double AA's not the rechargable rc pack. I hope this helps! Good luck!
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