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    Looking for a club in upstate new york to run the new drag cars

    Anyone in upstate new york Albany area know of a club or place to run the new drag cars ..???

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    new york near a few big lakes
    This is the only one I know of around by me ..... I now it's a few hours from Albany but I use to live down the street at one point in my life some of these guys had some nice setups though it been a long time since I have gone there.
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    i live about 10 mins. from ESTA Safety Park .. as far as i know they dont run any RC drag events, but i havent been there in many years since i quit drag racing and went to DIRT modified , i will definitely ask around

    other then that i dont know of anyone that is doing any drag racing with RC cars in any clubs, but again... i havent really been into RC drag racing... just off road stuff and now some on road with my XO-1

    i plan on getting one if these funny cars in the next few weeks, and have a friend who is also planning on picking one up with the timing system when that is made available... so there are some of us Upstate that will be getting them

    i will also put feelers out at the hobby shops nearby and see if anyone knows more and report back here

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