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    Question What is back order?

    Hi I want to buy rc screwz stainless steel screws and ball bearings. The screws are in stock but the ball bearings are not. Here is the question should I wait until the ball bearings will come or should I put it onto back order?
    And what is BACK ORDER

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    Back order is like pre-ordering something. The item is not in stock however you can tell the shop to order it so when it is in stock they ship it to you.
    However this process may take a while. e.g I've been waiting on some gladiators which are still on back order for now 3 months
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    With eBay and thousands of online rc stores, I would find the parts somewhere else. If you want it now, take a little time and find them. i don't like to back order things.
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    I'd first look into getting a different set of screw's. I got these and some of the head's stripped as I was putting them in. Also you can goto and get there .99 cent bearing's. the are better than the bearing's you want.
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    Backorder is any retailers ability to take a order for parts they DONT have in stock, after your order and sometimes they wait till they have a large enough order, they order and wait for parts from thier supplier, once they arrive your order is filled and shipped............

    If you give payment or authorization for payment on a back order, You'll usually be charged and eventually get your part. Dont do this unless you'r 100% confident in the seller.
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