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    Need input about batteries

    Looking to purchase some aftermarket batteries and I'm lost when it comes to batteries. Does max amps make a good pack? I was looking to invest in these LiPo 9000XL 3-cell 11.1v XO-1. "These packs are the largest capacity and highest voltage packs available for the xo-1. By removing the lower part of the battery tray, these packs will fit perfectly and will lower the center of gravity on the xo-1. The 3s 9000XL packs will give you a 10%+ increase in voltage and top speed. The higher voltage will also allow you to get to top speed faster because of the increased voltage retention over the stock packs. The 9000mah gives you almost double the run time of the 5000mah packs. These packs will make your Traxxas XO-1 scream! If you're looking for an insane amount of power, these are the packs for you!"

    True 100C rating
    9000mah capacity
    Lifetime warranty
    5C fast charge capable
    100% waterproof

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    I have no coment on Max Amps. Sound like nice batteries for $200.00..... Have been running with the Traxxas lipos since they came out. Have 4 Traxxas 2s 7600mah lipos, 10 Traxxas 3s 5000mah lipos, 4 3s 8400mah lipos...couldn't be any happier with the traxxas ones. Im running the 8400s on the XO-1 with the 34/46 gearing. Those 8400 lipo specs are conservitive. Figure traxxas and castle did alot of work on this one together....139.00 x 4 was well spent by comparison to the Hyperions i still have as well. Personaly would go with Traxxas on this one. You'll have more than enough on tap with these and your motor/esc temps will be right in line.
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    Before yesterday I would of said get gens ace , 3S 5000 ma 40C $50 peice but after one run I went to charge one , once it started charging , one cell read 0.003.0 other 7.? and other at 3.? then it would jump around and after 20 sec the charger reads full ?? this is why I prefer buying stuff from LHS cuz you walk in they will replace it now I have to send this thing back I think

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    Check out Thunder Power, nothing but good stuff to say about them. I also have one of the Proteks, it is Amain hobbies brand, good batteries to.

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