I tried the 40 mm 3 blade from aquacraft supervee 27r , it said that it got 40 mm dia and 56 mm of pitch , so i tried it because i want a longer run time and doesn t care about a little lost of speed !!! The pond where i play is not very large so if i run at 50 mpu or 45 , it doesn't change anything , i can t drive it at full throttle !! The result was : - Harder to go on plane and a lot more hotter ESC !!! That s was the opposite that i got in my mind , you , smaller prop and smaller pitch suppose to give cooler temps ????

Could someone can tell why ?? And do you know if i can get a prop that will do what i want ( slower speed and longer run time )

With the stock setup( ESC , Motor , Prop) I got no temp problem, but i want a little more runtime !!

Thank s !