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Thread: lipo batteries

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    Question lipo batteries

    i want to switch to lipo but first i need to know... i want to get a 3s, so what batteries are better spc or traxxas? better as in which is more reliable not to go bad.

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    Both are good batteries. SPC is a lot less $$$, can probably buy 2 SPC for the price of 1 Traxxas. The great thing is, with that lower cost of the SPC the performance doesn't suffer. Besides cost, I don't know what the advantage of one over the other would be.

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    If I where you and had to do it all over again I would start with 2s first. I bought and still have 2 spc 3s packs great but, you are going to rip apart your rusler have heat problems and so on. If money is no problem and you have a aluminum tranny case already this will help you out a lot with some gearing changes for heat. As for traxxas packs they cost twice as much and have a longer warranty I believe.
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    I'll probably get shot down for saying this but, some other high quality brands out there are ******** and gens ace. They both are cheaper than SPC, but the performance does not suffer. Highly recommend to check them out!

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    Sorry guys this vs that threads are not allowed.
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