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    Finally! I can have my cake and eat it too!

    Well you vintage guys. After a couple years of searching and had the cash available I picked up a Traxxas SRT! Harry how long have I been asking for one even order to buy yours? lol. The guy is on vacation so I'll have to wait until memorial day before it ships. I pay a huge...$75 shipped for a roller and a spare chassis. He said both chassis are in great shape with little scratches(which can probably be polished out) on the bottom but that's ok b/c I'm going to use the truck. The roller has zero issues and the transmission is original and flawless(tested it with his VXL system). He also said there are some of extra wheels and tires that are from the original kit which if I'm not mistaken are hard to find. All she needs is alittle TLC and good to go. What great is I have a old school nitro sport body I'll use for her. This the best truck ever made and probably even a better racer. I wish everyone can experience old school Traxxas vehicles like this b/c you're definitely missing out. Here the link

    Already talked to the guy and payed him lol so Harry how did you not see this deal???

    Now as for parts, alot of the nitro sport/rustler will fit on her no problem correct? Looking at getting some carbon fiber towers from the nitros. Is it possible to get a carbon fiber upper deck still? If not is there anyone on this forum that can fabricate parts? I'll so need the part numbers for the servo mounts and gear cover. Aside from that this isn't going to be bashed like a rustler but she isn't going to be a shelf queen either.
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    Simply the best. The beautiful Traxxas SRT and TCP

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