Hello fellow SpartanOwners, I just want to share my bad experience. Yesterday I went out to play with my boat to try those new upgrades, twin pick-up rudder with twin outlet and x442 props., switch on xmiter switch on esc everything working good, so I put the Spartan onto the water and didn't realized that the rudder goes in the wrong way, if you turn knOb to left the rudder turn right same thing on the other side, it didn't bother because I could manage to control it that way, until such time the servo wont work anymore and it was stock in a sideway position, so the boat is stock in the middle making a donut in the water.
This is the time for my rescue boat, while getting closer to the Spartan, I didn't realize that going to be out of range, Which have two channel fm xmiter, I try my luck to put back my Spartan to the shore and luckily did it by accelerating slowly, as time goes by the wind blows harder 20mph, pushing my rescue boat away frOm the shore and followed with a hard rain, OH Well! I have no choice but to say farewell to my rescue boat.
Lesson 1 : Never use a short range transmitter.
Lesson 2 : Check your component properly before going to the water.
Lesson 3 : Avoid strong wind if possible.