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    Will it ever run sweet

    Yet again i am grounded, just had it back a week both the esc and the motor have been replaced.
    Last night after three sets of lipos my spartan started making noises like a motor boat, so i brought it in took off the lid to let the smoke out and what did i see a twisted flexi shaft between the collet and where the flexi enters the stuffing tube. How it can twist like that in about an inch of space beats me.
    So it is all off again in the post to Logic RC, and its back to the waiting game.
    When will all this end i have had the boat two months now it has been in the post longer than i have had it.

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    Sounds like you need to back off the throdle a little! LOL! Did you grease up the cable before you ran it? Has to e done every run! Maybe an up grade to the 1.5 shaft is warranted! Especially if your running it that hard has to twist the cable.

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