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    Need help with TQi

    Ok, so let me try to explain this as best as i can. I have 7 traxxas models and gottired of fumbling through remotes so i got onebay and purchased a 2240 Tx and enough 2218 Rx to go into the models. To make a long story just a little shorter, the 2240 I purchased ended up being a 2244 which is not multi model capable i now find out. So i contact the guy and he doesnt have any 2240's and offered to sent the TQi versionof it. So i go look on traxxas site and got even more confused because only place i saw that the Tqi mentioned link for multiple models was with the dock and app. And for it to work best from what i can see is you have to have an iphone and sensors and the new receivers, which i dont have any of either of them. Soooo my question is will the TQi link multiple models without the dock and app? I would really appreciate any help yall can give on this.

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    The TQi will act similar to a New LINK/2238 without the dock and app.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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