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    nood lipo questions

    I am new to elec. What battery band or battery is the best? Sky lipo, Geuns ace, traxxas, spc.....

    I am looking for a 3s around I dont know 4000 mah-5000mah any suggestions?

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    Your going to get mixed answers because everybody has different opinions on what battery is the best, and what their idea of "best" is. Best for the money? Best performing?

    I personally like SPC and Gens Ace batteries because they have always performed excellent for me, and are are at a decent price range. You could go with the cheaper Blue lipo or Turnigies or something. They still work fine, and are much cheaper. A lot of people use them.
    but I would rather pay a little more and get something above mediocre grade, and has higher capacity and discharge rates. Many times its hard to find cheaper lipos with anything above 4,000-5,000mah.

    So for a suggestion, anything from SPC. "spec point concepts"
    or anything from Gens Ace "hobbypartz"

    for a cheaper route, go onto hobbypartz and look at Blue Lipo.

    But this is a TRAXXAS lipo section of the forum. This might get moved somewhere else or possibly closed. Better to ask in the section of what car you have for better results.
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