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    esc went boom!

    I've had my e-revo for about 3 weeks now, I have had some much fun with this thing!

    In an unintentional back flip situation I broke

    1.) Drive Axel
    2.) Wing

    What my father in law broke in one miss hap with a fence post

    1.) Drive Axel
    2.) Upper and Lower A Arm
    3.) Suspension push rod

    He felt so bad he bought me replacement hopup parts for this car. RPM arms and axle carriers (front and back) and metal drive axels. He also promised never to drive it again ... lol.

    So after a bout 30 minutes of a run yesterday I took it in to my house to unhook the batteries and call it a day and as I was about to do so smoke starting pouring out of the ESC and a little mini fire ensued. I've attached the result. I have to note, there was no water involved and I was running ******* 65c 5000 mah lipo batteries (recommended to me on this forum).

    I did find a fellow on ebay with a replacement ESC for $80 which was a new pull from an e-revo, it's on it's way. I'm told castle is fairly good with warranty so I will be sending the baked one back to them to see what they say.

    My questions are :

    1.) I've read about a lot of these castle ESC's going up in smoke, are they that bad?
    2.) If I wanted a replacment ESC, somethign that will work with my castle brusheless motor... what is the best choice? Something that is maybe a little more rugged that wont blow up and make my wife acceptanec factor even less than it already is. Someone recommended the hobbywing xrun 150a or something, thoughts?

    Thanks again guys (also attached pics of my upgrades after the fence post incident)

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