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I am planning on doing the same thing to my 1/16 scale e-revo when i upgrade to Mamba Max Pro. Instead of adding a radiator, i will be mounting this to the body posts:


And i will fill that with ice. I will put the intake area of the pump through the bottom, and the warm water will come through the top , becoming cooled by the ice. i feel it will be more stable and less finnickey than the radiator method.

any thoughts???

I have the stock reciver on the vxl 16 merv, and i dont know much about the electrics of this project. What do i buy to attach the pump to the reciver, will it supply enough volts on my 2s lipos (7.4 v.), and would it just be easier to attach the pump to a 9v battery? would it work???
I suggest use a radiator(or something similar) because I dont think is very eficient use a bottle with ice cubes because every run you need to refill with more ice cubes and What happen if the water from the bottle is warm? There isnt a cooling system, you are using hot water for heat the motor. Just my suggestion
About the pump:
I am using a 12v pump and rigth now is working with just 6v( from the reciever)and is working perfect
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