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    Question Home made conversion

    Hello guys,
    I haven't been here for a while since received my new ESC from Ebay,
    Had a nice crash, as a result chasis rear tail cracked, rear bulkhead completely destroyed (i've got it in 6 pieces)
    I ordered another nice bunch of spare parts.

    FYI i'm located in Far East Russia, all parcels are coming minimum one month,
    So I was bored a bit, and had nothing to do, but I had the aluminium chasis from Revo.
    Bought it accidentally on Ebay when i had no clue about RC cars and fought that it will nicely fit E-revo,

    So from this point i took all the parts from my E-revo and tried to put them on Revo chasis, unfortunately it did not work, so i started to bring some changes to this chasis
    Hardly I placed the central transmission with the motor on it, next surprise was that the servos need to be attached in a bit different way, cause Revo chasis got only holes but without thread to hold screws.

    At this point i wanted to know your opinion about what i'm doing, is it completely insane and useless or not?
    If you have any advice, i'll appreciate it a lot,

    To resume: does it worth any effort to set-up ERBE on Revo Aluminum chasis?

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    Most people go the other way. THey convert a nitro to electric then at the very end they scrap the aluminum chassis and get the plastic. It is simply a better setup for an electric truck. however, if you have a month and nothing to do, you might as well mess around with it.

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    I did the nitro to electric conversion and really like it. Chassis is well balanced. I converted a revo 3.3 and put 1/8th electronics in it. Locked the trans in 2nd.

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    Dude, sorry about your long waits. I have to wait till I travel to the US to get my stuff.
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    Good luck with the some pics if make progress. It will be interesting to see.
    Rock n Rolla !

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