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    My E-revo hop-up

    I live in Brisbane, Queensland (Australia) and have had my E-revo for about 5 months now. I went from standard batteries straight to 6s within 3 days of owning my truck...(now that was an expensive learning curve). I realised very quickly that I needed to upgrade my E-revo to withstand the brutality it was undergoing.

    I like to utilise my E-revo as an all rounder. It is generally played with on the road outside my house doing a few speed runs, grass park opposite the house and the majority of the time a dirt race track with some BMX jumps. The dirt track is very rocky and for the majority of the time dry and dusty, except for when it down pours here. I also like to bash at the local skate park sometimes during lunch break at work.

    I came across the pit pass, hop-up (Big-Volt Basher) section on the Traxxas site.... I followed this upgrade and feel that my truck still needs some fine tuning. I started searching through the Traxxas threads on the brushless E-revo and have come across a lot of useful posts on here; and I am wanting to share with you monster truckers what I have learnt so far.

    I am hoping to get a few responses of your thoughts and maybe what you would do different on my setup.

    I have started playing around with gearing. I have tried 18/65, 18/62, 17/62, 17/58, 20/62, 20/54 and am now running 20/56 as I recently stripped my 54 spur gear at the track . So far I like the 20/54 setting as the E-revo is living up to its name as a super fast truck. Would 18/54 gearing make a good bash setting as 20/54 does not back flip the truck off jumps.

    I have noticed that with a 20/54 gear setting my truck does not wheelie as aggressively as before.

    As it stands, the mods to my truck are as follows:
    1. Traxxas sway bar kit front and rear (silver)
    2. Wheelie bar
    3. Summit rear A-Arms, rear hole
    4. Summit shafts all round
    5. 5319X Push rods all round
    6. 5338R Toe link
    7. Integy T3119S Pivot ball cap
    8. HPP 17mm Hex adaptors for wheel slop
    9. VDP kit...No.2 installed.
    10. Geode 3.8" rims with Traxxas Response Pro 3.8" Tyres taped twice around with grey duct tape
    11. 50wt Venom shock oil front & rear
    12. Green springs front & tan springs rear
    13. Jato shock boots front & rear
    14. 30wt Traxxas diff lube front
    15. 50wt Traxxas diff lube rear

    As for settings on my truck they are as follows:
    1. 2deg Toe out front, -2deg Camber
    2. 3deg Toe in rear, -2deg Camber
    3. Caster set to 15deg, 4 Spacers front. My truck does a lot more pulling than pushing from this setting
    4. Roll centre, front and rear top hole
    5. Front push rod, outer hole
    6. Rear push rod, middle hole

    I have started playing around with the wing setting but probably need more guidance as to actually what it does.

    I didn't realise at the time that Traxxas Pro Response tyres are not meant for asphalt, I basically coned the tyres after 30 minutes play in a parking lot.

    I have recently ordered Proline 3.8" tyres and 3.8" Desperado rims with 1/2" offset. I will use these as my road tyre from now on. For bashing, HPI savage GT2 tyres 3.8" and Geode 3.8" rims. I will tape these tyres round 3 times with grey duct tape.

    General maintenance I usually do a wash down under the tap and then a blow down with compressed air. I would like your thought on bearing maintenance as I don't think my way is correct. The LHS advised me to use spin lube bearing oil. I find the problem with this is that it collects too much dust from the track and my bearings always sound very grindy. I have had to replace a couple of them already. I normally clean with WD40 and then lube after.

    Last night I fitted the RC Solutions roll cage as I am a tired of stripping my spur gear all the time. I am not sure this is the correct way to go as I have had to remove the rear sway and wheelie bar to fit the cage. I have also had to lift the body posts to get my body back on. I think adding the other motor mount mod suggested in these forums to stop stripping spur gears is the way to go.

    I plan on doing the plasti dip to waterproof the esc as I have already fried one because of water.

    I will post some pics of my truck, and the track where I ride at a later date. I would like to keep this thread alive with all mods and recommendations...ultimately I would like to have an all round setting that suits my style best.
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